Vampire HairGrowth, Dr. Ryan’s Story

Hair Loss Sucks!

Ok, so here’s the deal.  I had resigned myself to thinning and eventually going bald.  In my very early 20’s the front and top of my hairline started receding and thinning.  This was disappointing as both of my grandfathers still had their hair.  I immediately started Rogaine shampoo at the encouragement of my hairstylist.  I had minimal results, so I discontinued when I was frustrated.  As my budget increased, I spoke with my doctor about Propecia and tried that too in combination with Minoxidil. Again minimal results that just didn’t support the money and the medicine.   I am just not personally interested in a surgical solution as I have spoken with those that have had it and they told me it hurts, takes forever and is crazy expensive.  So, my hair has been slowly thinning for the past 20 years.

I am a huge believer in the Vampire Services and really wanted to see if the Vampire HairGrowth treatment could be successful for me.

Forgive me guys, as I am super uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I am wanting to share this journey with everyone and hopefully answer a lot of your questions in the process.  Here I briefly explain about the Vampire HairGrowth procedure.

Science Alert!

Numerous studies have shown that using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be an effective therapeutic option for anyone experiencing hair loss. It is even able to treat hair loss conditions that have in the past been very difficult to treat. Vampire HairGrowth uses substances within the platelet portion of the patient’s own blood to stimulate new hair growth and reactivate the dormant hair stem cells.

The Process is pretty straight forward: During the procedure, blood is drawn from you and prepared by separating and concentrating the platelet portion of the blood sample. Your scalp is numbed with an anesthetic and the PRP is injected into the numbed scalp in the areas of thinning and balding. Following the application of PRP, we use a micro-needling device to activate the dormant follicles further. So, the follicles are stimulated from the surface and from underneath, a double whammy.

My First Treatment

Since I can’t perform the procedure on myself, I enlisted Nurse Jen’s help!  For the first treatment, we used only a topical anesthetic.  I’m not going to lie, PRP injections are spicy, especially in a sensitive area like the scalp.  Based on this experience, I am a true believer in utilizing a scalp block.  It doesn’t eliminate the discomfort completely but it makes a significant improvement to just brief, mild discomfort.  Since I see myself everyday, it was hard to gauge the change in my hair line. So pictures are key!

As well as doing the first treatment, I started using the Zenagen haircare line.  If you don’t know, my wife, Paula is a Molecular Biologist by training and loves all things science.  She did some research and came back with this amazing Zenagen product.  It was originally designed by a scientist to help chemotherapy patients detox their scalps following cancer therapies and regrow hair.

This treatment requires about 90 days for us to be able to see the full effect of the PRP and microneedling.  So you do have to be patient. Your body wants to do the work, but we have to give it time to get it done.

Frequency of Treatments

With women, they typically have great responses due to their lower testosterone states, requiring only a single treatment in most cases.  With men, it’s a bit different.  We usually need a series of 3 treatments.  These treatments are done every 4-6 weeks.  So you are in your second treatment before you have fully realized the results from the first.  Trust the process…  The results are cumulative and build on each other.

Once you get to a place you’re happy with after your initial series, you just perform maintenance.  The duration between treatments can be different for everyone and even enhanced with the Zenagen.  Typically its once every 12-18 months for maintenance.

Who’s a Candidate?

If you are experiencing thinning and haven’t gone completely bald you are a candidate.  Even if you have had hair transplant surgery we can do this to enhance your results.  If you have a bleeding disorder, active infection, or are on blood thinners you may not be a candidate.

Treatment #2

I wanted to share my Vampire HairGrowth second treatment with you.  I will update with pictures as I progress through my treatments.

Paula helped film my second treatment so everyone can see it.  The scalp tends to bleed during treatments and this is completely normal, in fact we are actually looking for bleeding as this a great indicator for success.

Here are pictures of my scalp that night immediately after the procedure (1), the next morning (2) and one week following the procedure.



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