Vacuum Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss

What Is Vacuum Cupping?

Vacuum therapy consists of a gentle massage that suctions the skin with varying patterns and modes massaging the body. This treatment can be done with a vacuum driven “cup” similar to those used in massage therapy or with a machine. The vacuum treatment can be used to break down cellulite or be useful with a fat transfer to increase volume or fill in divots from cellulite.

Cupping for Weight Loss

This is most typically performed in conjunction with fat transfer. The use of Radio Frequency allows fat cells to be transferred from the upper thighs and lower back and relocated to areas that lack fullness on the buttocks, helping encourage a non-surgical “Bazillion Butt Lift” like result.

If you are interested in building a larger more symmetrical booty or breaking down cellulite deposits, this may be a fantastic treatment option for you! Contact us today to schedule a body contouring treatment!

Cupping Therapy for weight loss Benefits

Rejoice in the resplendent promise of a sleek figure with our vacuum therapy weight loss treatment. Shed those lingering fat deposits without countless hours at the gym, and restore your body’s youthful vitality. This is no miracle cure; results require ongoing dedication to healthy living. But couple this treatment with an active lifestyle and it will help you to reach your desired shape faster than ever before! To really maximize the outcome, we suggest using our anti-cellulite firming gel after each session for maximum effect.

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