Vampire Breast Lift®

Vampire Breast Lift®

If you’ve been dreaming of achieving better cleavage without going under the knife, then a Vampire Breast Lift® is your answer! This revolutionary procedure
offers remarkable results without any of the risks and recovery times associated with traditional surgery. By harnessing your body’s natural healing abilities, it
enhances and revitalizes the curves of your chest, giving you fullness and rejuvenation that lasts.

Breast lift

Of course, using breast implants can be an excellent procedure for many women, but there’s a less invasive way to touch up the shape of the breast when increased size is not the goal but a more youthful appearance or the softening of scars or the improvement of nipple sensation is wanted.

The Vampire Breast Lift® works by utilizing your body’s own platelets that contain growth factors to target areas of volume deficit. These concentrated platelet-rich plasma injections are introduced into the treatment area using an ultra-fine needle to help promote tightening and tissue regeneration. Results may vary between people, but within just two weeks, you could be experiencing firmer, fuller, and more youthful-looking breasts!

The Vampire Breast Lift has been featured in the news and even part of the 2016 Oscar’s goodie bag!

What do I need to do to get ready for the procedure?

Prior to your Vampire Breast Lift® appointment, we need to make sure you are ready for
your treatment!

Please note the following:

  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinners 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Make sure you have talked to Dr. Esmay about your blood thinners if you use them.  He may have specific instructions for you.

Please call our office if you have any questions:  512-504-7399.


Vampire Breast Lift® After Care Instructions

Following your Vampire Breast Lift ®  procedure there really are no restrictions.  We encourage to wash off any topical numbing cream that may remain following the procedure.

There are no restrictions on sexual or physical activity.  When you feel ready, you are ready.Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) and Aleve for one week. An inflammatory response is the goal for regenerative benefit and will be decreased with these medications.

Use Tylenol as needed for soreness.

When will I see my results?

  • Many women report an immediate result from the fullness of PRP that has been injected.  Within 3 days, the PRP will be fully absorbed into your tissue.
  • At 3 months the treatment will be at full effect.

How long will this last?

  • There really is not a risk of “overtreatment” so ultimately your body will help you decide when its time again.  Some individuals love the results they see and seek them several times a year and others find a “touch up” once or twice a year is sufficient.

If you have any questions or concerns and for further information or to book an appointment, please call our office at 512-504-7399.

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