Microcurrent Facial Therapy Treatment

What Is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent uses weak electrical signals to stimulate the muscles and skin.  It allows for a very targeted contraction of the facial and neck muscles.  The treatment is painless and quick.  However, it is important to note that the results of microcurrent treatments are not permanent and require regular maintenance.

This treatment is only performed on the face and neck and is always performed in conjunction with Radio Frequency.

The Difference between Microcurrent and Radio Frequency (RF)

Both microcurrent and RF skin tightening treatments use a device to deliver energy to the skin.

  • RF:  Energy feels like heat on the skin.
  • Microcurrent: Energy feels tingly and twitchy on the muscle.

Both methods are effective at stimulating collagen production, which increases elasticity and improves skin tone and texture.

Another key difference between the two treatments is the duration of the results. Both methods will require periodic touch up treatments, Radio Frequency has a more lasting impact.

If you are interested in contouring out your jaw line, neck and collarbones this may be a fantastic treatment option for you!  Contact us today to schedule a body contouring treatment!

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