Products to Support Your Goals

We believe in finding the place where the gifts of nature meet science.  We want to offer products to our clients that support this belief.  We have some amazing offerings that support our services and are excited to share them with you!

Di Morelli Skin Care

Medical Grade Skin Care, formulated in Canada and brought to you at an Affordable price.

We offer a medical grade skin line, Di Morelli.  This skin care line was developed by a Canadian Physician and is a top skincare line in Canada.  We looked high and low to find a medical grade skin care line with a very approachable price tag. It has a very limited offering in the USA and we are excited to be one of the only clinics in the US that has this available!

Di Morelli Product Bundles to Address Your Skin Concern

The kits are designed by Dr. Morell to address specific skin care concerns.  These are targeted treatment plans to help you meet your skincare goals!

Since we want you to meet your goals, we are making these bundles available for 15% savings!

Thorne Supplements

We offer a medical grade supplement line, Thorne.  We believe that high quality ingredients, top of the line manufacturing while sourcing ethically and responsibly is important.  Thorne supplements can help you meet your health and beauty goals.

Thorne has been partnered with the Mayo Clinic for over a decade to develop and offer medical grade supplements and meet the strictest regulatory guidelines on the market.  Thorne supplements are used by many athletes to help them meet their needs.

We have an online dispensary so you can set up your order today!  The benefits of the online dispensary include free shipping and 15% discount to all that enroll!

Order Today!

Zenagen HairCare

We offer an all-natural hair growth boosting line, Zenagen.  Zenagen harnesses the power of plants to provide you assistance with hair loss.  Zenegen utilizes the healing powers of plant-based ingredients to create hair care products that are simple, effective, safe and good for you.

Regrow thinning hair with Revolve!  Exclusive products for both men and women.  Strengthen your hair from the inside out with Evolve!